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Topic of the day

Opera Music

Florence, 1598

It Is a form of classical music and the
worst way to tell someone a story.
Most of the time, no one can understand
a word opera singers are saying. And
unfortunately the opera does not end
even when the fat lady sings. Opera
singers express every emotion with
screams and in most cases a random
person onstage is stabbed.

Doctor's recommendation:
"Just open your mouth and
very quietly say ahhh .... ".

Random Page

The Twelve Chairs

Yevgeny Petrov, 1928

A Priest an underground Millionaire and
a Jewish crook pursuing a treasure
Which we can call "the missing chair game"
Priest goes crazy
The crook is murdered
And the millionaire returns to underground
without a cent.

"He who laughs last
laughs longest" Joseph Stalin

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